I Love Fall

While my Twitter feed is constantly blowing up with posts about the excitement over "sweater weather," hayrides at the farm (who actually does this?), and apple picking (again- does anyone actually do this?) All in all, I have to say, I love fall. Here are 10 reasons why.

1) Fall boots //I just busted out my riding boots, and couldn't be happier- until I discovered the socks at Urban Outfitters. Utter perfection. They are having a sale 2 for $22 so snatch em up! Urban Outfitters 2 for $22 Buttoned-Up Knee-High Socks 

2) Leggings //  The J. Crew Pixie pants are a cult favorite for good reason. They are super comfortable and they go with EVERYTHING. A bit of an investment (though they are having a 25% off sale throughout the whole store ay ohh) but completely worth it. J.Crew Pixie pants $98 

3) Black Cats  // Having two black cats around this time of year where they are "socially acceptable" makes it that much more magical. 

4) Halloween // I guess this goes without saying, but what person doesn't like Halloween? 

5) Martha Stewart // One of my earliest memories as a kid was my mother's copy of Martha Stewart Halloween eidtion. That magazine was amazing because Martha is a genius and her site is full of the most amazing do-it-yourself ideas for holidays. 

6) Hocus Pocus // God this movie is good. 


7) Apple cider // One of the drinks of my childhood was this amazing elixir. 

8) Changing leaves // who doesn't love the colors of fall time? Outside my dorm I noticed there was a huge pile, but by the time I was outside ready to jump in, it was gone and I was sad. 

9) Pumpkin EVERYTHING //  I have discovered that they now they have pumpkin cereal bars. I am crying. 

10) PIES // Though I consider myself a relatively healthy eater with some sort of self control, I cannot resist a good pie. One of my favorites is chocolate pecan. I usually make it for the Kentucky Derby, but it is amazing all year round. Chocolate Burbon Pecan Pie 

11) Bath and Body Works //  My two all-time favorite scents that I bulk up on every year and keep burning even into spring is Leaves and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. They are also on sale (so many sale notifications in this post - really helping you out here) at 2 for $22! 

P.S.  Need some more fall in your life? Check out these amazing tumblrs for all your fall fixin's. 

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