Rant of the Week: Lines

I generally consider myself a generally optimistic person. Sure, everyone complains about things in life: people who spit on the ground (why) when your phone forgets to go off in the morning and you miss class (which has never happened to me...) and wearing pants (ok, does anyone like this?). However as I sit in the Caf on this beautiful day- ok it's not that beautiful- it's actually quite cold but anyways- it dawned on me something that I really don't like. Lines. 

There are some things that are inevitable in life. Lines are just a part of life. However there are simple things that one can do to alleviate the pain that we all have to go through. 

1) Plan ahead ok this sounds ridiculous  but seriously, if we are waiting in line to check out, have your wallet out. This simple step can save precious minutes when we all have to wait for you to look for your wallet, then realize you might have left in in your other bag, have to call home and fifty years later, realize it was in your wallet the whole time. Please dear reader, don't be that person. 

2) Don't cut I don't know where you guys went to elementary school, but there was this concept called "the back cut" where you wanted your friend in line, but did not want to risk the possibility of them cutting you, so naturally you let them cut all the people behind you. This goes especially for cars in a lane. Yeah person who tried to cut 45 minutes of traffic and subtly sneak in- we see you. It just comes back to the concept of people thinking they are more important than everyone else (see below). 

Felt like adding some optimism to this post

3) If you hit someone in line, apologize? Ok, let me tell you- I have been in lines and literally seen people just run into other people and hit them with their bags/backpacks/satchels ect. and just ignore it. Apologize, because then to that person you will forever be that person who hit them in the face with your bag. 

4) Be efficient We all waited long enough in the Egg Bar already. Please for the love of god know what you want before you get there because we already know we're going to have to wait another 10 minutes for our food anyway. 

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