September Favorites

Well, seeing that mid-October is approaching, it's probably time for some favorites from September (that I can remember)...

1) Lilly Pulitzer agenda There was a girl in my Management 102 class who had this agenda (along with most girls in my school) and now I think I would be lost without it as it allows me to tangibly see my schedule.  Lilly 2014 Large Agenda in "Resort White Chiquita Bonita" $28

It's been a pretty crazy month 
2) Essie's French Affair I mentioned it briefly, but down on Market Street (our "downtown") I have found a place that will do my nails for $5. Five dollars people! So naturally after telling everyone I know about my discovery, I have become an addict and now am no longer the owner of the stubbiest nails in history. 

3) Lululemon Lots of girls on my team are die hard for this company. Lulu "block it short" $58 

4) USPS Due to my new found love of the post, I gotta give a shout out to my boys at the Postal Service. 

5) American Apparel Ok, like Lulu, I seriously underestimated this store. IT IS THE BEST. Seriously. If you are looking for great basics, go to American Apparel. They have the best basic tank tops, dresses, accessories and skirts at reasonable prices. American Apparel Corduroy Skirt in "Creme" $48

6) Kelly Cutrone My first trip to the bookstore, I went a bit crazy with my newly activated debit card. I really look up to her for the tough love and pure determination. 

7) One Republic Native Kind of a late one (I think it came out in June?), but I absolutely have been LOVING their album. 

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