The Halloweek Post

Despite the fact that I was never a Disney princess,
I absolutely loved this costume Halloween 1999
Happy Halloweek! Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Though I feel like Christmas really is the best holiday, as a kid, Halloween was a close second. Most little girls like playing princesses as a kid, but I was all about the witches. I was going to originally post this on Wednesday, but I am really hoping to do a fashion shoot on Tuesday for a look book, so stay tuned.

My mother is the worst because she can't
remember if I was a sheep or a dog-get it
together mother
I asked my mom to send me some pictures of Halloweens past. It's crazy to think that almost 20 years later Kim is still with my family. 

NOM also via Pinterest
Halloween is also one of my favorite holidays because of the crafts. You can best believe that I was the 3rd grader putting googly eyes on her pencils and wearing bat rings to class. But just imagine what Martha Stewart's house must be like for Halloween. 

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