Waking Up

Good morning!
This is my first official Tuesday post so bare with me if I'm not as good as Emma at writing these things. Today, considering I've just come back from my second of four 8am classes of the week, I thought I'd touch a lil on the touchy subject of waking up. Usually I'm a morning person, but college seems to make every morning person hate the mornings--so I thought I'd give a few suggestions to make your mornings a little less dreadful.

1) Pick your outfit the night before: When you wake up at 7 for your 8am class and get dressed in the dark you will realize, once you walk out in clothes that no sane/awake person would be caught dead in, that you should listen to me and pick something out the night before. Not only will this cause less stress when having to get up (hellooooooo 10 extra minutes of sleep right there), but you will also look semi decent--unless you are me or Emma and are rarely seen in something other than athletic clothes because she's an athlete and I manage the track team....which I pretend makes me an athlete too.

2) Stop wearing so much makeup: As a minimalist, makeup to me is very confusing and gives me anxiety because I don't know what I'm doing. Especially in the morning, some may feel at their peak of the ugliness scale for the day, but this is all in your imagination because you legitimately aren't seeing clearly because you woke up. So, because I care, here are the go-to products for me on my ugliest of mornings (aka every day of my life just kidding but actually)

 -- Bobbi Brown Eye Corrector : This is actually a gift from the gods when it comes to not looking like you hate the world on a cold morning. It's natural, it's spot on with your eye-lid skin tone.

 -- Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit : Yet another Bobbi product, but common, who doesn't love this woman. Thanks to my close personal friend Bobbi, we have been blessed with this concealer kit that can literally cover up anything you want. 

 -- Too Faced Natural Eye Palatte : This is actually a lifesaver for the makeup impaired. Not only does this give you really pretty and sparkly simple eye shadows, IT GIVES YOU DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO APPLY THEM TO MAKE YOU LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. Why would you not buy this!!?!?!??!?! I've had mine for a little less than two years, and its still going strong. I did my own makeup for prom with this palette (Who am I? A makeup guru? YES--but no), and got countless comments on how good it looked (confidence boost--and no one would have guessed I spent maybe 10 minutes applying it due to the handy little notecards with instructions)

-- Covergirl BB Cream : Another underrated product would be this BB cream. Don't know what the BB is supposed to stand for but this just evens out your complexion without making you feel like you have cake face (please for whoever has cake face on the reg, stop. I wanna see your natural beauty, not my desert smeared all over your face)

-- Bed Head Styling Creme : This is my favorite hair product of all time for straight haired girls or girls who wish they had straight hair. This stuff smells so good that I smell my hair at least 12419823749 times a day, and I re-apply it approximately twice as much just so that I can keep smelling it and the scent doesn't fade. Other than the smell though, it really just makes your hair look and FEEL so nice and it makes you want to play with your hair all day--instantly putting any girl in a good mood because, lets be honest, a good hair day makes any day the greatest day ever.

-- Old Spice Deodorant : Because who needs a boyfriend when you can just smell like one yourself?

Now go buy these things, go to bed, wake up, and use them.
You're welcome.

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