October Favorites

Delayed Friday post, which I completely forgot about (whoops). Despite the fact that so much happened this month, (helloo, managed to keep this going one month strong) I can't believe October is over and November is here, aka one step closer to stuffing my face for Thanksgiving (once again God bless these holidays). Here are some of the things I found myself reaching for the most this month:

1. Nalgenes Coming from someone who has owned 2948402 water bottles from losing them in boats, at practice, in my room, in my car, at other friends houses, ok you get the point- I love Nalgenes more than every other water bottle in the world (am I really writing about water bottles?) but for real I have realized the importance of hydration (enter camp counselor mode). 

2. Cropped yoga leggings As the weather becomes cooler out, it is quite hard to go out into the Pennsylvania winters with shorts (though I try to do this as long as I can anyway) the love of these goes up there with Uggs on the common white girl scale, but I don't care. 

3. Puffy vests These. Are. Amazing. Because October was decently warm, I was able to hold off actually having to wear a jacket until this week. I guess I never got into them because they weren't very popular at my school, but puffer vests are the best. Unlike a jacket, they are able to add to an outfit, rather than cover up. 

4. Maison Jules My mother works for Macy's and absolutely insisted that I check out this line. Amazing. Madewell meets Urban Outfitters for a lot less. I absolutely love the jackets from this line- definitely worth checking out. 

5. Tigi S Factor Brand I was going to write a completely separate post about this brand. If you don't know who Zoella is, then congrats, because you don't spend as much time on blogs as me. Zoella, or Zoe Sugg recommended this line for a) repairing damage from ombre b) the fact that it smells like strawberries and cream and c) will make your hair softer than any other hair line out there. Sold. Not only does the taming smoothing cream smell exactly like strawberries and cream (the shampoo/conditioner smells like sweethearts) but it makes your hair so incredibly soft. 

6. Large Longchamp I realized quickly on that some outfits just don't go 100% with my beloved black jacket. Though every girl has one of these bags, they really do carry everything you need and are easy to clean. 

7. JCrew Chambray Shirt  I had my eye on a chambray shirt for quite some time, and when it went on sale, I had to have it. This can be dressed with a skirt or just over jeans and is a true wardrobe must-have. This one is BY FAR the best chambray shirt I have found. 

8. These Forever 21 dresses Every girl needs  the perfect simple short dress. These are amazing and are ridiculously cheap and perfect for parties- no joke the ones I got were $9 each. 

9. Bean boots I seriously underestimated these shoes, especially in October before snow boots are needed. (.....)

10. Glitter nail polish As I was at the nail salon, I came across the Mariah Carey OPI Christmas line. After having dark nails for the week, I was ready to go lighter, but not necessarily champagne or my usual light purple/pink. 

11. J. Brand jeans My (again amazing) roommate Alexa let me wear a pair of her jeans and these are the softest and most comfortable jeans I have ever tried on. 

Happy Friday! Hope you had a wonderful month!
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