Procrastination with Emma Bx

As one of the worlds best procrastinators (I am currently procrastinating writing an entire paper the night before it is due, and I’ve even been procrastinating writing this blog post by pretending to write my paper), I’ve really perfected the skill of using up precious amounts of time by doing absolutely nothing. So, in the case that some of you are like me, I thought I’d share a few of my secrets with all of you in order to make your procrastination much more interesting.

For a 3 minute delay of your other activities I’d suggest watching this short film: Not even going to pretend that I didn’t cry while watching this.

Now, if you’re trying to waste 10-15 minutes I’d suggest heading to foodporndaily.comwhere you will get a chance to look at delicious meals that, unfortunately, you will most likely never get to eat, but its legitimately better than porn ( so I hear)  so you’ll be in a great mood after so why wouldn’t you check this out. Another option to satisfy your food cravings,  you can check out (They have all the recipes for these pancakes too so make them and invite me to join.)

For procrastination of 20-30 minutes I’d suggest going through this photographers website-- . After a long day of doing nothing I came upon this one of this photographers portfolios of photographs of random people asked to pose together in order to show the world that even if you don’t know a person, through a different lens (lol get it) it can seem as if you had never been apart—and occasionally you’ll see some really awkward photos of random people together which is pretty comical.

Now for 35 to 40 minutes I HIGHLY recommend Go to the puppy section and you will die. These are live feeds of puppies. It is literally the only thing that got me through the entirety of senior year. You will not regret this. I promise. They are puppies that are going to be trained to be service dogs so they are already better than any of us so I really do suggest you watch them…I guess there are other interesting live feeds too, like live feeds of polar bears and coral reefs and bears and shit that will really just captivate your procrastinating minds.

I really need to finish writing my paper now, but I hope you’ve enjoyed over an hours worth of procrastination I have just given all of you.

You’re welcome

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