The Power of the Sleepover

Once again the posting schedule got messed up- my bad.

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I'm trying to make this worthy but quick as I take a study break from the exam that will conclude the longest week of my life. After a tiring week, which resulted in my voice sounding something like Emma Stone mixed with a dying horse, Katy and I decided to have a good old fashioned sleepover. It worked out well because  Alexa was home for the weekend, and I have to say, it turned out to be one of the best nights I have had so far (with no regret of exhaustion the morning after). The necessities for the night:

1) Cute Pj's me and Katy always pride ourselves in the fact that when we do stay in, we are perfectly fine with putting on our fancy PJ's and looking like little kids.

2) The best, cheesiest movies that you can find make the best night. My favorite chick flicks
-27 Dresses
-Bride Wars
-What a Girl Wants
-A Cinderella Story
-Mean Girls
-Sleepover (obviously)
-John Tucker Must Die
-Princess Diaries 1 and 2
-Friends with Benefits
pretty standard, but simply the best

3) Popcorn and pizza The ultimate best combo in my opinion. Especially with M&M's- yum. We discovered a new amazing combo of chicken and mushroom and NOM.

4) Good music and jumping on the beds I'm pretty sure the 1st and 3rd floor now hate us in addition to our neighbors because we were bouncing up and down on the beds and hitting the ceiling so shout out to the first and third floor...

5) Spontaneity I will probably regret putting this out there on the internet but all I can say is that sometimes you just got to open your window, venture out on the roof and stargaze with your friends from your floor.

6) Sleeping in cause why not? This seems like a no -brainer, but trust me, s someone with Saturday morning practice and morning class everyday, I completely take full advantage of this before going to the caf to stuff my face with pancakes/french toast/omelets/lunch food.

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