Oh my gosh how has it been three weeks since my last post. In my defense, I have been in Bend, Oregon for the past week with my family and had the most limited internet access.

I started off the year in Los Angeles with one of my really good friends and now I am ending 2013 in Portland/San Francisco. It has been a year of changes, to say the least.  I graduated high school, worked my first job and left for college.  

Crew (January to May) - The crew season this year was an interesting one. Once I got into Bucknell, school became less of a focus and crew was really my reason for getting up every morning. Senior year happened, classes were (occasionally) missed and I went on the stereotypical "senior experience" where other than crew, my body rarely left the house. Though we did not do as well as we wanted race wise, I had an incredible time every day with my boat.

Camp (June to July) - This was a learning experience for me. For the first time, I was seeing camp through a counselor's eyes. It was also the first time in my life that I was really treated like an adult. 

College (August to December) - umm... there is a lot here. I learned a lot about how to actually take care of myself, be a friend, met amazing, hilarious people and overall got the chance to dip my toes into the college years.

Things that "were 2013"

Going to Nandos with Maddie
Rings (new addiction- never took them off this year)
Brandy Melville
Manicures (thank you $5 place in Lewisburg)
American Apparel
Trader Joes (MISS THIS)
Smoothies (too many snapchats from South Block)
Fairy Lights
Lily Pulitzer
Taylor Swift's Red (+ this year I found myself back at one of her concerts)
Doing things on my own
Lindsey Hughes (started watching her stuff literally on New Years)
More ombre hair (that went a little too blonde)
Puffy vests 
Sound cloud
Dresses (aka No Pants November)
Honesty (with others and yourself)
letters/phone calls

Alas, we leave the year of blurred lines, twerking and selfies. Lets hope 2014 can top that. God bless. 

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