With finals week coming up, everyone is feeling the incredible weights on their shoulder and is counting down the days until break. I am definitely among this group. Here are some of the ways of dealing with the stress (other than don't procrastinate blah, blah, blah) before the most wonderful time of the year.

1. Exercise This is by far my number one most important part of staying sane during finals and school in general. Going to the gym not only keeps me in shape for crew (which I can't really put off) but is also an incredible stress reliever. I remember on Monday seeing tons of people at the gym one the way to practice and thinking that either people wanted to burn off the Thanksgiving pounds or cope with the stress and I definitely understand why.

2. Water This is also an absolute must have for any time, particularly during finals. It prevents stress eating and coming home to people telling you that "you really ate well" the first semester. 

3. Sleep This goes without saying, but the difference that getting as much sleep as possible makes especially during stressful times. It's hard to not procrastinate, but please for the love of god, I pray that you don't have to pull three all nighters to make it through.

4. Phone calls and keeping in touch I have really been appreciating talking to my best friends form home, siblings, parents and grandparents on the phone. Not only does it allow for  check up for them to know that I am mentally stable and haven't cracked yet, but also a motive for the enjoyable break once hell week is over.

5. Blogging Going along with to do lists, having an outlet that allows you to feel productive but also not want to kill yourself is an amazing way to relieve stress. And if it's something you can do while watching a TV episode? Even better.

6. "To Do" lists Being in college, the importance of an agenda is extremely important and never underestimate the satisfaction of being able to cross something off that list.

7. Just saying no to crap that's going to keep you up at night Along with exercise but lately I have found myself up at 3 am on YouTube and have had to tell myself that enough is enough and I have to force myself to turn it off. Honestly, it's kind of sad how in times of struggle where you have to crack down you find yourself on the most random crap. I would mention the some of the things I ended up on, but it's too pathetic.

8. Breaking it up I can't believe that it took me 18 years to realize this, but it really is so much easier and effective to just break something up over a week. LIKE THIS ACTUALLY WORKS. Need to read a 300 page book for management and break it up into 20 minutes a day? Done.

Anyway, good luck on all your exams and may the odds be ever in your favor.

P.S. if you do need a study break, check out this hilarious article from GQ writer Drew Magary.

*all photos from Tumblr

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