Fashion Friday: Turquoise and Stripes

It's really sad that it took me this long to get into dresses.  Turns out, they are really easy! (who knew) I have become a bit obsessed with these ones in particular as they are are cute really inexpensive (seriously, one of the outfits totaled at $18 aka bargain a college student and great quality) and allow me to pretend that it's almost summer. Special shout out to Katy for helping me edit and take these photos when she was on a bunch of drugs after being in the hospital (#prayforkaty). Warning: Keep in mind that I wore a dress without leggings or tights on Wednesday without any tights or leggings and stepped out only to realize that it was -2 degrees out walking to class, to which my sociology professor gladly pointed out in front of the entire class that my outfit was "too inappropriate" (sorry ok). So maybe don't do that.

I love the classic look of stripes which can be dressed up or down for anything (seriously anything). Additionally, the look of a simple statement necklace is great and turquoise is one a great winter jewelry staple that adds a pop of color. This look is as easy as putting on sweatpants, but looks so put together.

On another note, I am in love with this bag from Rebecca Minkoff. One hundred percent worth the investment, and adds classic neutral to everyday outfits and fits the perfect amount of stuff.

Just saying the was not exactly the way that I envisioned my first fashion post. While I thought it was going to be some magical experience where the sun would shine and everything would be happy and all the pictures would be flawless, when in reality the photographer was on Vicodin, we picked the only cloudy day this week, I was in a rush to go to practice hence the fact that my face is not in any of the steps, baby steps (but actually, it took us months to finally get this up, so go us I guess- procrastination at it's finest people). Also shout out to Harris Hall for the sweet shooting spot.

Here are some of my picks (and some amazing deals) and check out this link for even more inspiration!

Turquoise Necklace Forever 21 $6.8

Lacquered Layer Charm Necklace $5.8

Forever 21 Shift Dresses (amazing deals)

SheInside Blue Long Sleeved Straight Dress

Rebecca Minkoff Mac Bag

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