January Favorites of the Month

So I was in class today and I suddenly realized that February is in a couple days. This month could not have started and ended more differently as I went from literally doing nothing to suddenly being back at school with a million and one things to do all the time. Though I mentioned many of them in passing already, here are some of the things that defined my past month, though I hope that you also appreciate the pretty pictures of wintery things.

Pretty Little Liars & Carrie Diaries Ok so there are people behind, people late to the party, and then there's me. So maybe these shows came out two or three years ago? Whatever because these shows are completely worth the hype (my personal favorites are Dorrit from CD and Spencer from PLL). 

MacBook Air This was definitely my purchase of the month/year/my life. Sadly, my old MacBook Pro fought a tough battle and died sadly this month. However, I could not be happier with my new computer, which is of course the most basic of computer covered in stickers. Just had to show it some love this month in writing.

Blogging I am very excited to say that this is probably the month that I am finally able to figure out how to balance school/life/crew/blogging five days a week (haha it hasn't even been a week on this schedule but I'm being optimistic). 


Room Decor I could also not be happier with the new room updates. Granted, it makes it nearly impossible to get any actual work done in there, but it's nice to come back to after a long day or crash in after my morning classes end. (On a tangent, I picked all my classes in the morning thinking that I would be so productive for the rest of the day and most of the time I'm so tired from waking up early, that I sleep through the afternoon, so I feel that this is slightly counter-productive..)

Ebay I can't believe it took me so long to discover Ebay. Some people may be turned off by it because you are buying stuff online from people you don't know but I can honestly say that I have been blown away with everything that I have bought so far. Most things were new but I was able to get my dream handbag new for 60% off. It was a good day.

Urban Decay Eyeliner Get it. Use it. Worship it. Just kidding- but really. 


John Green If you are part of the 0.001% of people who have never heard of John Green (Fault in Our Stars author) you are not from Central Oregon, where I basically almost got into a fight with a girl over the last copy which left me rather confused because even though there is hype around the movie the book came out over two years ago...If you don't consider yourself a book person, I would highly recommend this book because it is the definition of a page turner and I may or may have not read the whole thing in one sitting. 

Smoothies This is sadly a favorite of the beginning of the month because let's face it Bucknell, you can't even compete with South Block in Arlington. If you are in high school, all I can say is don't take fresh fruit for granted because we only have apples since Bucknell bananas basically ruled out the ability to eat one in public. 

Conair Infinity Pro Another death in the family this month was my Remington flat iron from Target that I have had since 2010 got lost, however that thing was on the end of its lifeline. My new flat iron however only lasted three weeks because I accidentally stepped on it in the middle of the night (of course). I got a replacement and this is an amazing flat iron. It heats up fast and is hot pink so every girl's dream really.


Country Chic I get the worst dry skin during the winter. When I say ashy, I mean like it looks so bad I got made fun of it constanly growing up (thanks Phia). This lotion from Bath & Body Works however, is amazing. First off, let me say it smells like the most amazing non overpowering perfume which has elicited me to make everyone smell it and leaves you without feeling greasy. $12.50 at Bath & Body Works

Bertrand  aka the library. Turns out, you can actually go in there and you come out feeling rather accomplished. Bucknellian of the year ladies and gentlemen. 

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