J.Crew Wedding

The other day in the very exciting Friday nights of watching Pretty Little Liars, Katy and I somehow got on the topic of Pinterest and weddings- particularly our weddings. I thought it was so funny because despite the fact that I was a bride for Halloween one year (a real life princess the realist 3 year old I was) and loved being a flower girl in the two weddings I was in, I never was that girl that had their wedding planned out in their head. Whenever I watched Say Yes to the Dress on TLC (god bless that show) I never actually imagined what it would be like to have to decide on a specific dress. Honestly, my favorite part was watching the girls try on the over the top Pnina Tornes. Katy on the other hand has a very detailed thought out Pinterest board including everything from the dress to the cake and the flowers (classic).

Generally the words that comes to mind for my day would be simple but classic. The most important part is that the groom shows up and the place doesn't burn down, but I came across the newly redone J.Crew wedding section and was in love. The dresses, particularly the bridesmaids dresses are classic and definitely don't fit the "27 Dresses" theme- god there were really come horrible ones there. Check them out- they would also be perfect for a formal, prom or a spring wedding. (They also have an amazing Pinterest account-who knew?)

Here's some of the things that would be on my wedding Pinterest page- I actually had a bit too much fun with this. Things that would be a must include warm weather, light colors and lots of fairy lights. It's funny because my mother and I always watched Say Yes to the dress and thought that it was odd that the strapless gowns were always the most popular, because I am dying over the lace dress in the upper corner. I addition, I love the look of similar but different colored bridesmaids dresses...one day, one day...

P.S. I am so excited to say that this blog has recently really been growing in readers- if you have a Google plus account, I would love to take suggestions/hear from you so please comment! Have an amazing rest of the week!

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