New Semester and DIY Pillows

Ok, after a week with Netflix and my cats, I am finally back at school ready to start the second semester. After breaking my New Year's resolution to post regularly, I'm just gonna pretend that the year started now. I mean January shouldn't even be in the calendar anyway, right? (sorry to my brother, mom and all the other January birthdays) As refreshing as the last week was, I was getting to the point of refusing to get out of bed at least before 10 and change clothes (sorry for the visual). By the time I rolled back into Lewisburg, I basically looked homeless. MY OWN MOTHER DIDNT WANT TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH ME.

Anyway one of the best things about the semester system is that after you turn in your last final, you are done with those classes and can return to school with a clean slate. And with Alexa wanting to move around the furniture in the room before we left, I felt that it would be the perfect opportunity to make a few changes aka redo the whole room (classic....). With all the free time I had this break, I decided to finally break out the Pinterest do-it-yourself projects and boy did I tackle them. A few months ago I had seen these online and fell in love. If you look at the prices of pillows though, they can be so expensive it's ridiculous- sorry Anthropology but $150 for a pillow...? Pillows are a great way to add personality and change up a room and if you decorate them yourself, you can do it pretty cheaply. Now that I have them, there are few things better than diving into a sea of pillows after a rough day. Almost makes up for the lack of mattress pad that I have because my mother refuses to buy me one...

DIY Pillows  

3 Pillow Inserts
2-3 yards of fabric
1 Super thin brush
1 Thicker brush (about 1/2 and inch)
A sewing machine (and preferably a mother who has some mad sewing skills)
At least one bottle of fabric paint
Cardboard and/or newspaper (very important)
An iron

First gather all the materials which hopefully doesn't require a painful trip to Jo Ann's which always takes forever (seriously though women in fabric stores need to hurry it up).

To create the pillow case, rather than explain the exact outline, I'm going to include these pictures and this easy tutorial here.

After doing this, the rest is super simple. Just place the cardboard inside the pillowcase, paint (I recommend using the big brush to paint a base coat and then use the smaller brush to clean up the edges). Let them dry for a few hours, fill them up and then dive into the softness of your new pillows!
Happy Monday and see you Wednesday!

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