New Years Resolutions, John Green and The Carrie Diaries

Happy New Year! My original post was going to be the "resolutions" that I panned for the new year. However for the first time in my life, I found myself being the person, who plops themselves down on the couch and binge watches Netflix for hours and hours shut out from the outside world and between the jet lag of being home combined with New Years and my already messed up sleep schedule I realized that I didn't move the whole day.

My most recent venture took me through the first season of The Carrie Diaries. For anyone who doesn't know the basis of the show, it's about a young Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City and her life as a young teenager in the 1980's. One of my favorite aspects of the show (besides the gorgeous Sebastian Kydd- but seriously and her crazy younger sister) is that the whole show is set through Miss Bradshaw's inner monologue (is it just me or do you start thinking in the voice of the character after just watching a show or movie in 1st person).  Similar to the original Sex and the City, each episode seems to be a lesson in the life of young Carrie as she grows up and discovers her love for New York. The show has inspired me to start reading and writing more myself, so we will see where this goes...

The next thing is sad beyond belief that it took me 2 years since the release to read, but the Fault in Our Stars Usually when I have to read a book for class I have my fingers holding the next pages to see how many are left in the chapter, however "page turner" could not even begin to describe the novel. All I can say is buy it and you will finish it in one sitting. 

Anyway, this was a random post for today...Wishing you an amazing 2014!

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