I promise this blog is not going to turn into a blog of all DIYs however, with redecorating, I created an Instagram wall. One of my favorite things is the world is Instagram and though I have had one forever, over the past year, I have become obsessed. In the process of redecorating my room, I realized that I had little to no pictures in my room.

A while ago, I had come across the website Printstagram and stored it in the back of my mind for a future decor project. The site allows you to log onto your Instagram and select the pictures and quanitity and will print them out and send them to you. I had originally wanted to use the site to make collages for my friends for Christmas, so I had to make a new Instagram account to collect all the pictures that I wanted to include, but overall the process was really easy.

To do this is really easy, all it required was some time and patience for the pictures to come. I had no idea that the company was based in Taiwan, so naturally my pictures to around two weeks rather than one (because of course they got stuck in Thailand customs). The result however? So worth it. The cards came in a huge stack with really nice packaging (and stickers! who doesn't love stickers...). All I had to do was flip over the photos and tape them together and then hang them up. The result is one of a kind and really cool.

Printstagram also provides other products as well, including stickers, calendars and notecards (stickers....yes). The starting price is around twelve dollar for about twenty four prints, but the quality is incomparable. They make really great gifts with a unique twist.

P.S. Finally getting some fashion posts later up this week- keep yo eyes peeled!

P.P.S. Bored of the top 40 hits constantly playing? Check out Nashville DJ Titus Jones on Soundcloud! 

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