The Easiest Outfits Ever

Happy Monday! I don't know about you (or if I'm the only person who does this) but on my iPhone I always max out the number of locations on my weather app. I am pretty much done with winter and can't wait for spring and getting out on the water/shorts weather/racing season. At least while it's nice before the horrible heat we all like to complain about.
Bottoms: Jeans and Pixie Pants Basically these two things are magical. Though I am all for being able to throw on some Nike shorts and go outside- I really tried to make it work but it go to the point that I was- no joke walking across campus in 5º weather I honestly could not say better things about my Pixie pants and J.Brand jeans. My roommate was nice enough to lend them to me because they were too short on her and as for the "I hate pants" trends all I have to say is this- if you can not take a nap in your pants (and jeans), then you have not found the right ones.

Tops: Sweaters and pocket shirts This pretty much is self explanatory. Favorites include classic button downs from everywhere from Gap to Madewell and sweaters from Brandy Melville.

Outerwear: Puffer vests and quilted jackets Again pretty much self explanatory. I was so upset that J. Crew stopped carrying their puffer vests in stock but that doesn't stop my love. Until next year, puffer vest.

Shoes: Bean Boots, Riding Boots and Hunters Truly and honestly, I wore my Hunters probably a few times a month if that and now I can never take them off. Long story short, back in November, I made the mistake of wearing flip flops on the way back from the library after it snowed and never again.

Jewelry: Pearl studs, Bow Ring, Heart Ring and Michael Kors watch I used to never wear earrings, but for the past few years, I feel absolutely naked without studs in. The secret is having a large pack of cheap pearls that all look identical and can be easily swapped out if you lose one.
Bag: Obviously like every girl on college campuses, I carry my Longchamp everywhere- but for good reason. Described as "the minivan of bags," it's not the most amazing looking thing, but it hold everything I need and because it's black and goes with everything.
Makeup:I have become an Urban Decay fanatic. I could honestly work for the company with the praise that I have been giving this company the past few weeks. I was going to do an entire review post, but I figured that would be too much. I recently traded my love of their liquid liners for the pencil ones, and didn't take it off before practice and not to get to gross, but completely sweated through my workout clothes to the point that it did not reveal it's original color and the eyeliner did not budge. I like to fill in my brows (Lucy Hale style by the way I finally jumped on the bandwagon for Pretty Little Liars and have become obsessed) and throw on some Chapstick, eyeliner and mascara and head out.

Anyway, here's to warmer days ahead!

P.S. A VERY Happy Belated Birthday to the most wonderful mother in the entire world! I hope you had a wonderful 2nd 25th and I hope to see you soon! (aka a message to please call me back).

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