Ok, so this post was supposed to go up on Friday, but my computer battery died so that was good. But anyway, pretending this is going up on January 17th, Happy 16th TR!

TR and I are both pretty similar on the outside. Apart from looking alike (all of us look creepily similar to each other) we both have a love of New England sports, J. Crew and Vineyard Vines and ganging up on younger brother, Jackson (yeah the best older siblings ever). Personality wise though, we are quite different. I admire TR for always being "the voice of reason" to get me to stop and think about things before taking the leap (sorry I always made fun of you for it but your freak outs are too funny). Sure you taught me a lot of lessons, but here are some that really stick out apart from don't be the younger sibling because your older sibling and cousins will remember all the funny stuff you say and
will never let you forget it (and at least be thankful I didn't share any embarrassing stories).

1. Take responsibility Everybody messes up on things sometimes. It's perfectly ok, but be honest with yourself, and make sure it doesn't happen again.

2. Hard work means work One of the most important thing TR has taught me is that if you want something- a certain college, to start on a sports team or watch every Patriots game live while still managing to get your homework done, you've gotta work for it. TR will go to school then practices, come home, lift, do work and barely eat for wrestling. Talk about sacrifice.

3. Try new things I remember being surprised a few years back when TR joined the wrestling team at school. With football and baseball, why take on another sport. Although I know very little about wresting, watching him put in the work and eat barely anything because of wrestling.

4. Pursue your dreams TR is definitely someone who has pretty set goals and knows how to get there, even when it's not easy.

5. Don't be an idiot This especially goes for when we have been driving to school together when I would try to drive with no gas or ice on the windshield. Thank you for being my conscious so we didn't ever die.

6. Sometimes not being an only child isn't the worst thing in the world Ok, I'll admit it, as much as I wanted him to disappear sometimes or never talk to him again, I have to say there is nothing like coming home from college to someone who gets it. And who we can laugh at Dad with together.

7. Support each other Being on the crew team all of high school always made it very difficult for me to go to a lot of games, though I did make it to a few in the summer.  However, TR came to so many of my events when he could, an I couldn't be more appreciative.

8. You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of a failure I definitely just Googled "quotes about being well dressed" but that definitely goes for TR. People always tell me how well dressed he is and I think it's hilarious that a 14 year old would go to school in cashmere sweaters, but hey, not a bad thing to be remembered for.

9. Sometimes the person's reaction makes all the difference They couldn't all be serious, but I have to say, growing up and still today, there is nothing funnier than TR's reaction when I mess with him. It'll probably never get old.

10. Be an individual No one likes being apart from a crowd like my brother. Everyone owns a Mac, he goes with a desktop. Everyone in Arlington is a Liberal? TR has no problem flaunting his elephant Frat Collection shirt. It's not that he thinks he's better than everyone or wants to be different to be different, he just likes different things and doesn't feel the need to conform.

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday TR! I really hope you appreciated the new tires for my your car! Though I heard you are also now gunning for new rims as well-don't push it.

P.S. One of my favorite TR quotes

TR: Did you know that I know all the words to this song.
My cousin Anson: Really?! I don't believe you...I'm going to make sure.
TR: Ohhh...well I don't know them in order.

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