Winter Addition: A Week in a Carry On featuring Katy!

Something I have definitely learned in college is that opposites attract. While I would describe Katy as a posh BMW with superb safety features and GPS, I'd say I'm a classic beaten up Jeep with no air bags or seat belts going down the freeway at 100 miles per hour holding onto the last 5% of phone battery with Google maps open hoping to get to the destination. We certainly have different strengths and weaknesses, but I think that is what makes our friendship so great.

Over winter break I discovered yet another skill that I am horrible at that Miss Katy excels in that is the art of packing. I am bad at packing. LIKE ACTUALLY THE WORST. No joke, I actually packed 3 suitcases and 3 laundry baskets that I couldn't be bothered to actually narrow down or pack in a bag (cause lets face it, all my bags were already full). The irony is, that though I overpack to have access to a full closet, I only actually end up wearing maybe 20% of the things I brought. I remember the night before we left last semester looking at Katy's perfectly folded carry on suitcase for Atlanta while I had a car full of mess headed down to DC. After seeing the tweets about overpacking, I figured it would be awesome to get some tips from the queen of packing herself.

Carry On Bag {Clothes, shoes, bulky items}

The problem with packing when traveling is that a lot of people forget is that the point of packing is to bring the things that you need, not the entirety of your closet jam packed into a suitcase you pray doesn't get forced into being checked where lets be honest, will probably be overcharged because that thing is somehow well over 50 pounds and let's face it- if that thing came crashing down on the overhead compartment, there would be some kind of lawsuit. Talking to Katy, the key is to plan by outfit and pick neutral items that work well together. 

Key items 

-two pairs of jeans
-a nice skirt
-two T-shirts that can (gotta show that Bucknell spirit!) 
-a pair of cropped yoga leggings that can be doubled into loungewear/
-an LBD
-a couple of scarves (really light, can keep the shape of shoes and spice up an outfit)
-Bean Boots, leather riding boots and running shoes 
-classic button ups and sweaters 
-socks and underwear (stuffed into shoes-another Katy tip) 

Personal Bag {technology, snacks, reading material}

Usually I carry on airplanes or long journeys all of my stuff in a large Longchamp bag. The awesome thing about a Longchamp is that they can be folded up and taken anywhere. Additionally, I included my computer and chargers in a charger bag. Believe me, you will be very happy to not be the person digging in their bag for their liquids and having to pull out random loose chargers because it's definitely not fun to be that person (which I have never been in in my life)...Hair ties work great wrapped around the cords and I always keep a "random bag" to hold all the loose end like gum in so that at the end of the day you don't have to go digging around fishing for coins or hair ties (or worse-bobby pins).

I included book and notebook for school, which is thinking on the optimistic side, because in college, if you going on a vacation and need to do schoolwork, then I am very, very sorry.

I also love this backpack. In case you haven't seen them enough on Tumblr, the Hershel backpacks are awesome. A nice break from my normal black, the Hershel has a nice leather/canvas contrast and Additionally, as if I haven't sounded enough like an infomercial, it also has a laptop protection pouch and tons of pockets with easy access for your phone, wallet and boarding pass. Overall, really practical with a bit of personality.

Makeup Bag {Key items}

 Ok, I have to say, I am really excited about some of my makeup bag finds. For eyeshadow, look no farther than the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. Not only does it have the most amazing neural shadows, but it also includes a mirror and is super thin for travel. Done and done. By the photo, I have everything that I find extremely necessary and versatile. The blue brush kit is also awesome because it holds any brush you need in a sturdy container. I happen to be a nail person, and it's nice to have a few tools handy, especially a trendy and neutral nail color. Essie's Fiji is a great neutral classic while Bikini So Teeny works for a bright winter color.

P.S. I did not include makeup remover, however it can be cheaply bought and left at the destination or really handy wipes, which I did not have on me. Also the lipstick can double as a blush!

P.P.S. Forever 21 has great, colorful makeup bags for cheap!

Toiletries Bag {optional, but great}

Ok, this one can be tricky. Personally I love having my own face products, but sometimes it's not practical, especially on flights, though at places I go often (an I recommend if possible) I keep a small stash of products I can use for the trips, and if worse comes to worse, just but mini versions at Target or CVS just for the trip.

However, I do have to share the greatest packing invention (maybe an exaggeration, but still) is the Steri Pod. Seriously, this thing is amazing. I remember as a kid, particularly at sleepovers, having to put my toothbrush into a plastic bag and hope that it didn't fall out. This lasts as long as the life of two toothbrushes and keeps it sterile (you can actually smell the minty freshness). It just clips over your toothbrush and you're good to go.

Things not to Bring  {basically everything else}

Included in this list are shampoo and conditioner. Although I love my Herbal Essence,  In addition, again with the shoes, anything that may seem like you need it is unnecessary. Along with that, loose pens ARE A RECIPE FOR DISASTER. Get them out unless you want an explosion. Again, makeup remover can easily be bought at a drugstore unless you are going camping in the woods, in which case, why are you even bringing makeup? 

Overall, as much as it kills me to say it, if you are questioning weather or not you'll actually need it, you probably don't. Crying.  

Thank you so much Katy for helping this over packer learn the basics and for all your help with this post. 

P.S. From Katy: This is part one of the "week in a carry on series" coming soon are tips for spring break!

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