Bucknell Dorm Decor: Madeline Diamond

You know those people who have the most amazing rooms? Yeah, Madeline Diamond is one of them. Whenever I go into her room, my mind goes into a million of ideas from the things she has in her room from the tassels on her curtains to the adorable hanging pictures and colorful pillows from the places she has lived. I was able to get some of her advice on organization and how she has managed to make her room feel like you're walking into Anthropologie.

About Madeline                                  
Year: 2017
Major: English
Hometown: Dana Point, CA and New Canaan, CT
Activities: Crew and The Bucknellian
Where to Find Her on Campus: 7th Street Cafe

How would you describe your interior decor style in three words?

Preppy, East Coast meets West Coast since I have lived in both California and Connecticut and draw inspiration from both styles and I like to have my room be bright and not too cramped- something to put me in a good mood if I'm stressed or studying.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Definately Pinterest, various blogs, (asking about her favorites) obviously my moms (Pretty Little Things- check it out her mom is legit) yours (yes...), Design Darling (a Bucknell alum!), Atlantic-Pacific, and Cupcakes and Cashmere.

That picture- I need it.

Favorite places to shop and what are your favorite aspects in your dorm?

For bigger things like furniture I like IKEA, but for smaller things and accessories I really like Anthropologie. My favorite parts of my room are all my wall hangings,  posters and things. They all have some sort of meaning, most of them a personal meaning- pictures that I took or paintings that I have collected- little collections of my life.

In love with this colorful desk. And macarons!

You seem to have everything quite organized. Any advice for the typical college student?

I try. For saving space, I would say under the bed storage definitely prime space right there or what ever space is in your room that's available. You have to get creative and work with what you have.

Thanks so much Madeline! Hope your Tuesday is going well and have a great week!

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