Fashion Friday Valentines Day: A Look Book

I had mentioned probably two weeks ago how much I have wanted to do more outfit posts and had been planning this look book post for weeks. I knew it was going to take time, but I had no idea what I was in for, or how much fun it was going to be (or the amazing location of my dorm room shooting spot).

I could not have asked for better timing on the weather or a better group of girls. The snow was falling not too aggressively and the trees were covered with a perfect layer of snow. Granted some of the drinks may have spilled on the snow which now makes it look like blood...We also had to use a giant umbrella to ensure that it looked like Emma and Hannah had walked out into the snow and not been coated by dandruff.

Also, I just wanted to say, though it was not what I had originally intended, shout out to Apple, because all of these photos were taken on iPhones (I say this because for some reason, my phone decided it just wasn't going to keep a charge- so yeah please improve that part Apple) and I loved the way they turned out.

I actually met Hannah at the campus bookstore over Parent's weekend. It turns out, our parents were friends from college-her dad an my mom actually lived in the same building! By the way, if you are looking at colleges (you know, other than Bucknell of course) that have a serious networking program, definitely check out Trinity College.

I have to give major props to Hannah for not refusing to help me up the snow banks after I had asked her to do it on her own. Best photographer ever ladies and gentlemen. But really, get to know her on campus, because she is the sweetest girl ever.

If you do not know who Emma Bx is, than I also have nothing to say to you because clearly you have not had the opportunity to read some of the amazing stuff she has written for this blog. I highly recommend it, and I think I have convinced her to do some more very soon!

So cute!
I like to think of her as my cynical (yet adorable) alter ego. Here is one of the pieces that she did back in October that captures her umm essence perfectly. Homegirl tells it like it is.

So whether you are chilling out at home with Netflix or going out for the night, red, pink and white really can be incorporated into anything (and had to add the navy stripes of course). I also loved the colorful straws and milk bottle props- perfect for any party or special event.

P.S. Some behind the scenes stuff as well! Of course hats off to the ever so amazing (and single- just putting it out there) Katy. Turns out there are a lot of things that go into a shoot that never get noticed and I am so thankful for the marketing director in the world. I also included one of our "behind the scenes shots" haha don't kill me Emma. Thanks so much for reading and have an amazing weekend!

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