Girl's Guide to....Atlanta

Call me on a roll because on the way back from brunch yesterday I realized that although Bucknell is more of a regional school (lots on NY, NJ and Fairfield County-which despite never actually visiting I now know down pat) I have a lot of friends from school all over the country. Over the next few weeks, I am planning on gathering my friends to get the inside guide to their hometowns. Here's the list for "the tour."


2014 Girl's Guide Tour
New York City 
Los Angeles
Washington DC
San Francisco

A Girl's Guide: Atlanta 

Hometown: Atlanta, GA (born in Chicago, IL now lives in Lewisburg, PA)
Major: Political Science and Econ
Activities on campus: Astronomy tutoring
Where to find her: THE LIBRARY (this was in said in unison- she literally lives in Bertrand, so say hello next time you're here) 

Atlanta Dictionary:
-OTP: (outside the perimeter) of Atlanta
-coke: all types of soda (only Coke products in Atlanta-how stereotypical)
-Waho: Waffle House
-spaghetti junction: an intersection of highways and abyss of traffic that you should avoid at all costs
-HotLanta: a common nickname, particularly in the summer months
Best of Atlanta: 

Song: Why Georgia by John Mayer

Favorite Restaurants in Atlanta?
Rumi's Kitchen has the best Persian food I have ever had. Whatever sorcery they do to their's so good. They make all their pita in house and the Varsity, which is the iconic Atlanta fast food joint which has been there forever and has really good burgers and shakes. The people there are really energetic- so know what you want ahead of time.

How would you describe the typical Atlanta "look"
You can get away with flip flops and Sperrys all year round (it really is that warm) an then it really depends on where you're going. Little Five points is hipster central. Buckhead (my neighborhood) is very preppy-designer bags, nice cars. However, you can get away with camo in this city (sweet).

What do you miss most about Atlanta
Crazy Atlanta drivers, however they have replaced by crazy New York drivers.

Biggest differences coming up north for school?
Besides the snow- things move a lot faster up here, just the pace of life in general.

Top 5 Things to do
Image 1

1. Eat dinner at the Sundial restaurant on top of the Westin hotel (it rotates, so you get a 360 degree view of Atlanta).

2. Go to an Atlanta Braves game at Turner field.

3. Climb Stone Mountain (it's just a glorified rock, not an actual mountain) and has an incredible view of the city and the park surrounding the mountain is really beautiful as well

4. Go a farmers market at Sandy Springs Farmers Market and buy Watsonia Farms Organic peaches- they're the best (cause you know, not like were getting stereotypical or anything...).

5. Visit Cenntennial Park and run through the fountains. It's where the 1996 Olympics and there is a beautiful fountain there- definitely worth seeing.

Image 2
P.S. (is there ever not going to be one of these?) Despite not being the most savvy with technology, have been able to get a website domain, and hopefully this is showing up at! I also hope by now there are some changes in format up. Also remixes for your week. If you go to Bucknell you know exactly who I am talking about but definitely check out alum Doug Bogan. I recently discovered his Soundcloud and it's amazing (gah why didn't I go to his farewell concert...) but here are some of my favorites. Happy Monday and have a wonderful week!

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