Macarons 1
So, I have this new weird obsession with macarons (yes, apparently not macaroons as I had previously thought) I have never actually tried them. Despite the fact that I love almonds, have never actually tried them. Still have a shameless macaron wall paper on my computer and phone and once I have time to get out of Lewisburg and into "the real world," I will definitely be trying some. I also definitely want to get a watercolor painting for my dorm room next year.

One of my favorite YouTubers, Rachel Whitehurst (a fellow middle of nowhere Pennsylvania collegiate!) did a video for making macarons with her boyfriend Chris in a series called "Chrachel Cooks." This video is a lot more about the hilarious process they go through into making them than the actual cooking, but it is amazing none the less. Also if you are looking for a more formal way to make macarons, then check out one of my favorite online cooking web series, Sorted Food, aka a bunch of young British guys teaching you simple ways to cook. 

Macaron 2

Though I don't think I could wear a full on macaron dress, I love the idea of these "macaron inspired" pastel clothing which are perfect for spring. I personally am always a fan of pastel nails all year round. Kind of a random post, especially since I've never actually had macarons before...Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and rest of the week!

Any recommendations? I would love to know the best places to go and must try flavors!

P.S. Because I promised I would, shoutout to my girl Tina, for getting to 163 on Flappy Bird (still a bit too proud of my 9). I cringe at all the time that went into achieving that, but serious props.

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