Music Festivals
So, as I had mentioned this week was particularly busy and due to the weather this morning when I woke up, God was not wanting fashion Friday to happen, so I'm thinking fashion Monday? Anyway, something that has been on my radar lately has been music festivals. No, I have never actually been to one because the timing has always been in conflict with spring regattas and my summer job. However, since my love of festival music has grown so much in the past year, I definitely need to get out to one soon. There is something appealing about being able to wear crazy clothes, don a flower crown and get the chance to be your alter ego. Here are some of my "wishlist" events. If you are going to any of these, consider me extremely jealous.

1. Coachella {Indio, CA} April 11-13, 18-20 Ahh, the one and only. Where else do you get to listen to one of the greatest lineups in the desert among celebrities. The festival also always takes place on or around my birthday, so I feel like it only makes sense that I get out to Indio one of these days.

2. Tomorrowland {Boom, Belguim} July 18-20 and July 25-27 This would probably be the most unrealistic of them all, but who wouldn't want to go to Belguim to dance to the world's greatest DJ's? I have had some friends go to this and they said it was insane. 

3. Ultra Music Festival {Miami, FL} March 28-30 I have friends and family in Miami and the video from previous years looks insane. The idea that people come from all over the world and are connected in the love of music is really amazing.

4. SweetLife Festival {Columbia, MD} May 10 The fact that I have never been to this is boarder line sad. For any "non DC people" Sweet Green is one of the most amazing salad and fro yo place ever (actually started by 3 Georgetown students!) and they started a festival with some of the best performers. A lot of my high school friends have been to this, and I hope to make it out some time soon.


Though I will probably not be attending any of these this year, here are some of my favorite outfits. Not exactly sure if I could rock the bejewled bra look, but I love some of these, especially because they are so different from my ususal style. Really any excuse to wear overalls is good enough for me. Of course with any kind of once in a lifetime event, some of the videos that the festivals make after the weekends are over are incredible. Here is Untra 2012 and last years Tomorrowland. Here is Swedish House Mafia's last performance in the UK, and it looks unreal.

My only concern is getting exhausted from standing and jumping around for days (also things like sleeping and the bathroom...please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks of these things...). But anyway, if you do find yourself at one this year, I hope you (are safe) and have a blast!

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