Quick Post: 14 Things to Love

Every collegiate goes through those weeks where we have so much stuff going on that inevitably we have 19384273 things to do and no matter how hard we try to plan, we end up stressing and having to pull off magic at the last minute. This is one of those nights. With the lack of snow day (ugg) and today's photo shoot, I am dead, but am so excited for tomorrow's post. It was crazy with all the snow, but it ended up being so much fun, so I included one of my favorite pictures from today.

Along with all the hilarious internet Valentines and excuse to wear red, white and pink, I like to do little things for the people I love and like Thanksgiving take time to appreciate the people and things in my life. I included fourteen because Valentine's Day is February 14 and because it's 2014- it made sense in my head. It turns out, there's a lot to love. 

1. Pets It goes without saying, pets are the absolute best. Where else are you going to get a creature that cuddles up with you and loves you unconditionally because they can never speak their mind to disagree otherwise? Love you Salem and Pepper. 

2. Best friends By taking the 4 quarters over 100 pennies, I can honestly say that I have the greatest friends in the world. Ones I would take a bullet for. Right in the heart. 

3. Doing your best there is no better feeling than working really hard at something and being able to accomplish something knowing that you knew what you were doing and did your best. Especially when it pays off. 

4. Health I think we all often take it for granted good health. As much as there are days that I don't want to wake up from my nap and go to practice or class, I have to appreciate that my body is able to do these things, even on limited sleep and that hey I made it through the night and have all my limbs working because in the grand scheme of things I really do take that for granted. 

5. Sports Along with health, I have been so inspired watching the athletes in Sochi and could not be prouder to be an athlete at Bucknell. 

6. Letters and phone calls Sure, everyone loved a good email, but there is something so sedimental about getting a letter in the mail or hearing someone's voice on the phone.  

7. Music enough said. In a car? Even better. 

8. Parent/Grandparents I was never one of those angsty teenagers growing up, but I definitely did not appreciate my parents at least the way I do now. Turns out they kind of have good life advice- who knew? 

9. Camp I could go on and on about this, but there is no place in the world that I have ever felt more loved and loved others so much (shoutout to the Shrine Mont peeps!)

10. Laughing there is nothing better in the world than laughing till you cry. Maybe that's when you know the you are with the right people. 

11. Chocolate it's the oldest thing in the book, but hey, that stuff is magical and though I doubt that many people actually go on the 15th to get it on sale, I will be hitting up the Caf dessert bar tomorrow.  

12. Photographs I remember Sophia telling me once how crazy it would be to imagine a world without pictures. I love old photos that bring back instant memories and the ones of your awkward years that you wish would disappear, but secretly love anyways. 

13. Cozy rooms Come into my room at any time and you might understand why I never want to leave. Even though through camp, college and breaks my "home" constantly changes, I always make sure to make it as comfy as possible. 

14. Food again, the oldest one in the book, but hey, if there's any day to treat yo self... I remember Rachel Ray once said that recipes are collections of stories that tell her life, and I could not agree more. (Fun fact, growing up my favorite snack was cheese and chocolate. Yes. Hunks of cheddar cheese with dripping Nesquick chocolate syrup. It was my first recipe prior to the ever so popular "Sugar bread" which I actually wrote down somewhere but you can get the idea. One day I'll try cheese and chocolate again. One day...)

Anyway, weather you are hauling it to the library, planning your weekend adventures (some of the coxswains are going tobogganing which sounds awesome) or go to any Virginia university or Arlington Public school and have today, tomorrow and Monday off, I hope you have a wonderful end of the week. I'm about to put in way to many hours at Bertrand so it's about to be a bad time (#prayforemma). 

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