Style Profile: Courtney Jonas

You know those people in school who always look so put together? That is Courtney Jonas. Daughter of a boutique owner for preppy brands, Courtney has an amazing style and her dorm room is every college girl's definition of flawless. When thinking about who to feature in my first style profile, Courtney definitely came to mind. I met her back first semester and was thrilled when she agreed to let me interview and photograph her. And she even forgave the fact that I had to ask her if I could get rid of the gum in my mouth I was chewing through half the interview-classic.
That Lilly comforter- yes

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major: Undeclared (intending to major in Psychology)
Activities at Bucknell: (Interested in working with children) Headstart and Bucknell Buddies
Where to Find Her On Campus: Musical Mystery of Edwin Drude in April

What is the best thing in your closet or the worst thing in your closet.
Well I can tell you my worst is this fuzzy sweater that I love but whenever I put it on, people always ask me if I'm hunting.

How would you describe your style
I like trying to be put together, loud in the sense I have a lot of crazy pants, but I will pull out the athletic gear and try to get away with it when I'm not feeling up to it. (Preach)

Who is your style icon? 
I have a not so secret girl crush on Kate Middleton- she's just so classy and put together.

Where do you get your inspiration? Pinterest, blogs ect? 
I do like looking for ideas on Pinterest, but my mom, my sister and I have always loved bright colors in the Lilly Pulitzer collection. I don't like blogs that are too over the top and put together. (Good, because Eight Semesters is definitely not that lol.)

Where do you like to shop? Any particular brands?
I wouldn't say that I like splurging in particular brands because I don't like being "too brandy" in the sense that I like being tasteful but also original. Over the years I have realized the only way to be comfortable is to not care what everyone else thinks and say "hey, whatever, I like it."

If you are going to splurge on something, what would it be? 
In general if I splurge around the holidays I love C.Wonder and I really like Tory Burch too, more for their patterns and colors rather than the label. I like bright stuff because it puts you in a good mood, so I'll wear a hot pink sweater but I also ventured in the opposite side with a lot of my things in the darker side but you're not going to finds those bright colors for winter.

What is your go to winter style? 
It's very predictable- black leggings, a comfy (cute) sweater- I've found some great ones at Forever 21 that don't rip easily a scarf, earrings, boots, maybe a vest if most needed and of course my big puffer coat and pull out my snow boots for when it snows.

What are you most excited about for spring?
I'm a dress girl. It's just so easy to just put one thing on rather than having to find multiple pieces, but honestly I'm not quite ready to pull them out.

P.S. Interested in preppy stationary and accessories? Check out her mom's site 

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