Summer Music and the J.Crew Spring Collection

This week with introducing two new segments, I had the whole week planned out, except for today. So, I decided to write about things that were on my mind, which with the -8 degree temperature I woke up to this morning and the foot of snow that is coming tonight that will not be enough to cancel school (thanks Bravman- just kidding but for real) it's definitely spring. Companies keep flooding my inbox with all their spring arrivals and hopes of warmer weather.

My favorite spring items from J.Crew are their chino shorts. At some point, I will do a whole post about my love for them (the pivotal moment I fell in love with the company), but here are some things from the Spring and Summer 2014 collection that I have my eyes on. Though these are all women's items, the guys section is also great too! Also, let me just say that I love you J.Crew, but seriously help a sister out and make it easier to get photos and Blogger- please make it easier to format? Thanks.

I have noticed that the modern baseball tee look has been quite popular for the past few seasons, and I love this one with the classic grey and unexpected floral. (And it's on sale!)

I also noticed on their "trends section" the racing stripe pants for spring. I don't know about you, but it gets so hot in late spring/summer, that I can't imagine wearing pants, but maybe for March and April (I also love the cool girl look of the aviators- which only a certain percent of the population can really pull off) and of course you can't go wrong with the Bucknell orange.

Oh of course J.Crew also introduced the most adorable stationary my eyes have ever seen. Do you ever buy something with the intention that it will make you a better person? That is me with stationery, especially around January and April when I need to write thank you notes. These ones are great and I love the unexpected polka dot detail on the inside on the envelope.

I love the look of this all white ensemble.
Unfortunately due to my love of watermelon and all things messy in the summer, I'm not sure if I would be able to pull this one off...

This sweater could not be more up my ally. Stripes? Check. Elbow patches? Check. More money than I intend to spend on a sweater but I can dream? Uh check.

At the end of April, Bucknell has an event called Chrysalis, basically a kind of prom like event, mostly to send off the seniors before finals. I have never been, so I'm not exactly sure what the dress code is, but this dress is perfect. A version of the prom dress I loved that never happened (mother was not about spending upwards of $500 on a prom dress that now sits in my closet- go figure), I'm envisioning this a turquoise necklace and braided hair. This is the perfect dress for any dressy event- a wedding, formal, or date function.

This. Seersucker.Bikini.

Ok. Every year, I fail to make my way to the pool or beach and end up bumming it inside my house and only wear Norts when going outside. It works out great, until I have to do things like senior stomach painting and realize that I have the tannest arms and legs, but palest stomach. For the longest time I don't even think I owned a swimsuit besides the one I used for swimming in P.E. sophomore year (oh good times). But to be a bikini is something worth investing in, and mark my words this will be the year I get my hands on this striped one. Also this seersucker one is too great- perfect for that beach trip to the Cape.

One of the trends that I am loving from J.Crew is the look of a basic baseball cap. This could easily be thrown on for a lazy hair day and somehow looks so put together. I'm just obsessed with this picture on the left- how do they get their hair in the perfectly messy way?

Bonus: I was going to do a whole additional section on summer music, but this post is kind of long enough as is. So here is my song of the week that I rediscovered. Basically anything John Mayer/Jack Johnson makes me think of summer days and the John Mayer Pandora station is perfect for studying. This is even better live, so if anyone knows when he's touring, hit me up.

P.S. I promised I would include this in here (shoutout to Lindsey) we're bringing Heeleys back once the snow melts so watch out Bucknell...Happy Wednesday!

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