The Greatest Parka Ever Made
Just a quick post, but no exaggeration in the title. So after walking around school with the flimsiest coat ever after I lost mine a few weeks ago (which for the record, never happens) I finally needed to get a new jacket, so I searched around online. I had seen a review of a specific parka on Urban Outfitters but of course once I finally got around to it, they had already sold out online in the color and size I wanted. Classic. However, despite my typical bad luck and usual acceptance of it, I decided to try Googling the jacket to see if maybe EBay had it and low and behold, they did 60% off the original price! I could not be happier with it.

The jacket is a blue grey which can go with absolutely anything. What is especially nice is that you can wear navy (which I occasionally do) without looking too matchy matchy. It's super warm, great quality (for a great price), has a sheepskin layer that can be taken out for a perfect spring jacket and stands out a bit against the sea of black Northface Parkas (and looks perfect with dresses and tights). Highly recommend.

Members Only Three-in-One Parka $88 (originally $218!)

P.S. The whole site is having a super sale...

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