Tips to Make Your Monday a Bit Easier

One thing that my mother always taught me is that there are many ways in life to make things really easy or really difficult. This idea came to me as I was struggling to carry all my shower stuff down the hall with my broken shower caddy that I have yet to replace thinking there have to be some minor things that would make my life so much easier that require little effort that I should really do. So here are a couple of things I could think of- and if you have a broken shower caddy that you broke the first week of school that you have yet to replace- please do that, cause I probably won't.
1) Murphy's Law I'm starting to realize how important this is. I'm just getting to the point where if I believe I won't have time to get up and get something done (ie the shower) I have to convince myself that if I don't think I will have enough time tomorrow, then I won't. This is easier said than done because half the time I decide to risk getting up on time to shower.

2) Sunday Agenda I find that sometimes some of my fear doesn't come from the amount of work that I have to do, but rather a fear of the unknown. I have found the best routine for my agenda. The first, get colorful pens and a pleasant to look at agenda. Second, I write all of my assignments for the entire semester on the calendar section of my agenda so that I can anticipate any hell week coming up. Then every Sunday, I try to space out all of my assignments for the week and then suddenly once its broken up, I have so much less homework.

3) Packing the night before This also comes down to the wonderful 20 minutes that you actually have to get ready before an 8 am class. There is nothing and I mean nothing worse than not being able to find your ID 10 minutes before you need to be across campus (thank you Academic West).
4) Command hooks These are the absolute best things in the world for organizing. I honestly have probably have 15 spread around my room. They are honestly God's gift to college students. I recommend lining a bunch of them up by the door and making a make-shift coat rack.

5) Get in the routine There are certain tasks of the week that I absolutely dread/procrastinate every week. This especially goes for laundry. I really hate lugging that (also broken) laundry bag down to the basement, but by doing it every Sunday, it makes it part of the routine, which prevents the dreaded moment when all of your laundry is dirty. The only thing worse than dragging a laundry basket once a week to the basement? Dragging 3 a couple weeks later.

6) The Water Bottle I'm just trying to bring that thing everywhere because there is nothing worse than being dehydrated in class (fyi to any W-L readers, when you get to college, there is no leaving the classroom). Once you enter class, you are parked there until the class is over.

I hope you have a great week! Here's Monday's Video of the Week! (Just something to spice up the worst not the greatest day of the week.) Kind of random, but I love Lily's videos. Girl tells it like it is.


  1. Hey Emma! I know we haven't talked in a while, but I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog. I've read every single post, and found them to be hilarious and helpful. Props !

    1. Thanks Brenda! This seriously made my day. I hope all is well!