Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
I am a complete sucker for holidays. Really any holiday, but when the weather is freezing, how could you not want to wear red and pink and celebrate the loves in your life. While I definitely don't have a boyfriend (I working on it ok Grandma?) I really love doing stuff for the real loves of my life- my amazing family and friends. I think the key to anything is one part monetary one part sedimental. Forget the teddy bears (and singing Valentine's which were awesome at my high school and I never did for my friends, who informed me they would kill me if I ever sent which I now really regret), here are some of my top picks.

1) What I Love About You By Me Book $10 I absolutely love this idea for an amazing, sedimental gift. This what I love about you book allows you to write in everything from memories to funny quirks and stories. This would make a perfect gift for really anyone- a mom, best friend, sibling or boyfriend and can be kept forever.

2) Heart shaped cookware $7 One of the best things I ever did on Valentine's day was cook a brunch for my friends. We had a snow day at the last minute, and I had the best time cooking and being able to do it with these V-Day themed cookware? Even better.
Ideas for Guys:
1) Southern Proper Belt $45 For Christmas, I got my brother a Smith and Branson key chain. He loved it- a real classic piece that added to his "prep image." The needle point belts are ridiculously expensive, but this is a much less expensive option that would be perfect for the approaching warmer weather (well kind of approaching- thanks groundhog).

2) Brown Leather Wallet My mother got me a wallet for Christmas and I absolutely love it. Not only is it super useful, I also always think of her when I use it (thanks Mother!)
3) Of course, nothing ever goes wrong with food. Ever. This goes for girls and guys- here are some of my favorite Pinterest worthy favorites.

P.S. I am planning a Valentine's Day shoot coming up very soon. A am very excited about it and the stuff for it is coming in the mail, so stay tuned!

P.P.S. I am writing this late at night and now I'm hungry. Good job, Emma.

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