Weekly Reading List

So, the way that I plan out my posts for the week is I generally plan them out on Sunday and might draft something if I feel that it is going to take a long time. Today was the only day that I kept open for any idea that might come to mind between waiting for a bagel to toast or in the shower (true fact, I am pretty spacy). But for some reason, today as much as I wrote, the ideas were not flowing. So I am going to link some interesting (and hilarious) articles that have been on my mind.

1) I came across this video talking about a Cosmo article about the hookup culture in college. It was ironic that my roommate had actually bought the magazine and I had somehow shifted through and not seen it. Written by a recent Harvard graduate, it really goes into the college dating scene and "hookup culture," and is defiantly a good read for both guys and girls. Here is also a link to the video discussing it.

2) Don't think I've ever mentioned it here, but one of my biggest blogging inspirations is the one and only Carly Heitlinger. She posted on her secrets to success and is worth a read.

3) Here are some of my favorite BuzzFeed articles that really caught my eye this week. My favorite was this one on why kids are so evil. Some of them are boarder line parents should maybe call a psychiatrist, and others are laugh out out great. I'm pretty convinced #4 and #8 might have been me (sorry mother again). Also, if you have recently felt that you have lost faith in humanity, here is one for your week.

Happy Wednesday! The countdown to spring break for collegiates is well under way!

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