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Last year, one of my childhood friends, Abby's boyfriend Nick Pisciotta decided to pursue a dream in the hopes of creating high quality clothing that was American made and captured the childhood that he had while growing up on the shores of Lake Barcroft in Virginia. Not only are all of the products American made, but 5% of all the profits are donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, and  Southern Staple was even featured as Business of the Week in the Very Best of Virginia - not bad for a 20 year old. I was able to catch up with the Penn State ROTC sophomore about running his own business, advice for inspiring entrepreneurs & doing what you love. 

What aspects make Southern Staple the company it is?
Southern Staple is all about connecting people to the community I grew up in. As much as we are NOVA, the LBC, or Lake Barcroft Community in its own is a Southern entity, and growing up there inspired me to create this brand that shares my experiences. Hard work with the focus of having a good time. The community I grew up in wouldn't be the same if it weren't for the lake, and this company is a tribute to everyone in that community. So in short, Lake Barcroft is what makes Southern Staple- from the people to the experiences we had growing up. What are the most rewarding parts of having your own business?
The most rewarding thing is producing an item that A. People like, and B. Helps support the country you love. Everything I make is 100% Made in America, and additionally I give 5% of my profits to Wounded Warrior Project. I love that there is a cause I believe in, and can support with a movement (the southern clothing movement) that I love and can be apart of.
Any advice you have to entrepreneurs?
Theres a saying about putting 10,000 hours into something to be successful, I don't think if quite put in 10,000 yet, but I'm on my way there. If you're doing something you love, it's addicting. I love Southern Staple. Your business and brand is an expression of self, if it's anything else, you're doing it wrong. And you won't be having any fun. 

The timing of this post is great, because Southern Staple just released their 357 bow tie collection this week. They are all hand stitched- some of my personal favorites are the Homan Bryer and Afternoon Delight. My brother TR is also obsessed with the Quarter Zip fleece. The company has also traveled quite extensively and supported other college programs. In addition, they have frequent discount codes on their Facebook page, so definitely check it out! 

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