Cute Pajamas

I already wrote a Christmas PJ's post, so consider this the spring/summer edition. There is nothing better than being able to take off your clothes at the end of the day and put on some comfy PJ's. Though I love PJ's and have 8 ams everyday, I still can't really seem to justify wearing them to class. However, because I wear them so often and wash them so much, I definitely recommend investing in good pairs (if you even look hard enough, you can get them monogrammed!) These J.Crew shorts are the most comfortable thing ever (love the stripes!). Most of the time, I am wearing old sports shirts, but since all the college books recommend nice PJ's for when the fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night (this has yet to happen fingers crossed), here are some of my most recent favorites (and they are all incredibly soft!)

I think this might be sold out online, which makes me feel better about myself because people though I was so weird for buying it at the time.

I originally got this on Urban Outfitters thinking it would be a really cute dress for the summer, however since it's pretty cold still, I found that it also makes a great (and pretty cute) nightgown.

We also added a member to my distorted family, Charlie. We felt that we had to get it because it would be great for the warmer weather around finals, but mostly because it had free two day shipping on Amazon. Since it (he?) would be converted into a mini ice skating rink if left outside, we decided to fill it with pillows and pretend it is completely normal for two 19 year olds to own a kiddie pool designed for infants. Who knew you could get so attached to inflated plastic. Happy Wednesday!

P.S. (Just a tip that when it comes to ordering online, I find that the sizes tend to run very large.)

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