Girl Code.

Over the past few years, I have started to gravitate from movies to TV shows (honestly probably due to lack of attention span), and last semester, through some people on my hall, discovered Girl Code. Available online, Girl Code is an MTV show featuring some of the best female (and some male) comedians talking about issues that young women and teenage girls deal with on an everyday basis from weight gain to Greek life, relationships and siblings. The delivery of jokes is great and I have found myself actually laughing out loud at some of the things they say and love all the different personalities of the cast. I only wish I had the talent to be a stand up comedian. (By the way, how does one possess the ability to be a stand up comedian? How do they always think of funny things? These are the questions I have...)

Jamie Lee, probably my favorite cast member
One of the things that the show highlights (beyond entertainment purposes of course) is the hilarious truths behind being in the female population. I definitely love the cast that breaks down some of the stereotypes in a really refreshing and real way. If you have some time to kill, or already love it and want to rewatch season one and two, say goodbye to productivity.

Happy Tuesday!
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