Hair: Cuttin' it Short

In addition to adding the weekend to my post list, I am hoping to have double post Wednesdays every week! Just a little something to get ya through those hump days. We'll see how this goes...

Over the weekend, in the short amount of time I had, I asked my mother to give me a trim, and went back to the shorter hair I had before it grew out in like a week after a haircut (fun fact- my hair grows out like a weed, but my nails take a ridiculously long time to grow out). Anyway, I recently came across an article about short hair being a really "in" trend this spring and summer, and I could not be happier. As someone who has had short hair, super long hair and everything in between, there is something so sophisticated (and easier on maintenance!) about the "lob" or long bob. Here are some of my favorite looks below. 

Gahh I can never get over the flawlessness that is Emma Watson. Though I commend her on her ability to pull off the pixie, this is probably one of my favorite looks she's ever had.

Again, forget the pixie and blonde hair, this is by far my favorite Miley look- the ombre is absolutely spot on.

Hope you have a wonderful day! Look out for a new post tonight!
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