Lazy Weekend: Pancakes and Smoothies

Perhaps it was the all day regatta in which I spent in the pouring rain or the weekend in general, but I could not get out of bed today. I can't believe that I missed my first post in months, but I learned how to change the date of my posts, so it's like I never missed it...It happens, and I think that as long as you don't make a habit out of it everyday, then it's completely normal (or do if you don't have morning class). While I was not a fan in high school, I have definitely gotten an appreciation for Sundays. 

I'm gonna be honest, something that always gets me out of bed in the morning is food. In high school, I had an obsession with pancakes. I think it was my whole family and I don't know why...You know how everyone's house had a unique smell to it? According to my friends, my house was always smelling of pancakes. Not sure if I agree, but who doesn't like pancakes? I think this might have been linked before, but here are some amazing (and pretty simple) recipes. Cooking is definitely something that I miss in college, so seniors, take advantage of it now. By the way just putting it out there, if there are any Bucknellians in the Mods or who have a kitchen, I will gladly cook dinner if you let me use it- just putting that out there. 

I am incredibly sorry to any college student who can't go out and make some of these smoothies, because they look so incredibly good. If pancakes aren't cutting it for you in the am, then smoothies are the perfect pick-me-up. One of the best places back home was South Block, a very earthy crunchy place that I ended up at everyday my senior year. Light and creamy, what could be better? I love the look of putting them in Mason Jars. Here is a really useful Food Network guide to smoothies if you can't get to South Block. I find the key is a mix of fresh and frozen fruit it the key to a perfect smoothie. (Oh my god I want one of these so bad as I'm writing this)

Happy Sunday! Here's to the weekend and a great start to the (warmer, and for that matter, hopefully drier?) week ahead!
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