Monday Organization: Dream Desks and School Supplies

I don't know about you, but I am excited for the end of this week. Though I will not being going somewhere fabulous for Spring Break, (if you are, I am extremely jealous excited for ya) and will either be on campus or somewhere slightly less fabulous than the beach, I am looking forward to getting on the water, wherever that may be. I figured in the spirit of the end of midterms and final push, I would post some organization tips (assuming you haven't hit the point of giving up and scattering all your papers all over the floor- my finals last semester experience) and fun desk ideas (I know I'm not the only one who gets inspired by this). Just looking up pictures got me really inspired. Oh the day when I can decorate my own apartment...

These are the best pens ever. In high school, all the IB kids were super into the Staedtler rainbow pens. The problem was, that the tips were so sharp, they would split and break. The LePens are the best. They come in a wide array of colors and make color coding really easy, and almost kind of fun? In addition, I have somehow started collecting mugs and since I don't have a coffee maker in my room, I like to store things in them, and they add some personality to my desk. My mother and I are obsessed with the ones from Anthropologie

(forget buying the clothes, it's all about the home decor for us). 

Unfortunately, it's hard to do anything about the actual chair in a desk in college because you have to work with what they give you and cannot move furniture but I have to say adding fun lighting or a bean bag adds some homey vibes to a desk and acts as a nice lighting fixture in lieu of a lamp.

Yes, this is probably the most basic college girl statement, but my Lilly Pulitzer agenda my life support. I high school, I generally was able to just keep a running tab of everything I needed to do, and would check Blackboard if I needed to, but in college I have to schedule so much more. I will definitely do a more in depth post on how I organize my agenda. Happy Monday and hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

P.S. Also shoutout to my cousin and his fiancé on their engagement! So excited for you J.T. and Erin!
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