Saturday Style: The Kennedys

Woo, bringing some of the things I have learned this week in my history class into a post! This semester, I decided to dive into an intro American history class to brush up on my knowledge of the 20th century from APUSH (did everyone else call it that...). This week, we focused on the 1960's and all of the social aspects that went on throughout the decade. It's crazy to think of everything that happened during that time, and that some of my close family members have such a distinct memory of some of the things that happen. I would love to take a class just on the 60's- our professor has previewed that next week we will be covering the Johnson era and LSD. That being said, I highly recommend Professor Schmidli, his dry humor is really refreshing for a 9:30 am history class.

Over the past few years, my style has definitely changed. Long gone are the days of scouring Forever 21 for plain shirts or worse, the days of Hollister and Abercrombie (I actually still have some of those shirts, and my Hollister hoodie was reduced to a fracket, which is the only fracket I have ever had actually stolen, so if you have it, I hope you are enjoying it). I would definitely say that I lean towards classic (and comfy, but that's another story). What really appeals to me is that it is timeless- I think the proof is in the fact that any of these pictures of the Kennedys look like they could be from present day.

Deep down inside, I want to become a Kennedy. If anyone knows a way for this fantasy to happen...please let me know.

Hope you had a wonderful Saturday! This weekend is the start of racing season for all high schools and colleges, as well as the return of nice weather weekend events. Overall, it was nice to hang out with some of my best friends and eat Panera- oh, the simple joys of life. Excited to break out the shorts for good, throw on the Jacks, and sip some lemonade.

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P.S. (Gotta throw in a quote) "I want to live my life, not record it"- Jackie Kennedy

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