Some of the Best Pandora Stations for Every Occasion

I have definitely gotten to the point where music is the life support that helps me through the day. As someone who doesn't drink coffee, music gets me up in the morning, gets me through long hours in the library and kills time when cleaning my room. I used to rely solely on my iPod for music, but over time have switched to Pandora- mostly out of laziness- why have to pick the next song when a computer can do it for you? (And there is nothing better than discovering a new song or remembering an old one you forgot about) I will admit, I am not the most "music savvy" person out there, but here are some of my picks:

Going Out: Obviously you want something that is upbeat and familiar, so you can sing along to it as you get ready, which will inevitably take more time than you budgeted. This also makes great music for the gym (which by the way, if you can workout without, serious credit. I have seen people doing their homework taking notes while on a treadmill....why...)
Recs: Sammy Adams, Schwayze, Kid Cudi, Kanye 

Studying: When coming into the study zone, you want something that is relaxing and not too distracting. These are my top picks, and some overall favorites. 

Recs: John Mayer (always) and any variation of his songs in case you run out of skips and have to get creative. Also Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz (and any other "J" name you can think of).  

Nostalgia: Sometimes current music just doesn't cut it and we have to go back to some of the best. 

Recs: Michelle Branch, Third Eye Blind, Coldplay, Blink 182

Classic Rock: My dad is a big classic rock fan and always played it in the car growing up. Though I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of them, here are some of them. 
Recs: AC/DC, Led Zeppelin (or just typing in "classic rock") 

Driving and Pure Moments of Happiness: For those moments of driving with the windows down or jumping on the bed. 

Recs: Put Your Records On, Taylor Swift (cliche, but the truth), 

At the Gym: I forgot to mention some of my other favorites, so umm, here they are. 

Recs: Dance Cardio (official team practice channel), Last Friday Night, Ke$ha

Happy Sunday! A short post to the start of the week. Hopefully your day was more productive than mine- for a school that just raised their tuition, I should be able to get maybe some internet in the library or my room. Or even outside in the hall. This will probably come out in a rant post in the future, but I was there for literally over an hour in the library trying to get internet and after moving tables, I gave up. I'm sorry parents- I tried.
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