St. Patty's Day Food

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Despite being half Irish, the most memorable part of St. Patrick's Day was getting Lucky Charms (oh long gone are the days of Lucky Charms not being a weekly treat) and making "Leprechaun Traps" in first grade (which was one of the highlights of elementary school). Of course, I could not resist posting some of the amazing food I found on Pinterest. It's times like this I wish I had my kitchen back....

Hey Caf, it would be awesome to have this- please & thank you!

These look so cool, I would love to make these, though I feel like they would not turn out the same if I actually decided to make it...

Happy Monday! If you are back from break, hope you have a wonderful start to the week! By the way, check out this BuzzFeed link to 34 ways that you can eat Guinness, definitely worth a look at. 
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