The Best of the Best: Spring Nail Polish

I have briefly mentioned this in passing, but in the past year while being at school, I made a discovery that may or may not have changed my life forever. Back in August, I discovered a little nail salon hole in the wall about 5 minutes from my dorm and you can imagine my shock when they told me a color change (basically a manicure) was five dollars. What. So needless to say, I have been going about once a week and am now an addict. The good thing is, I'm pretty sure I have completely nixed my horrible nail biting habit I have had my whole life. Just a word up, you may notice all of these are Essie colors. While I do love some other brands (most notably OPI), I fall sucker to the amazing color selection and names from Essie, as well as their lack of chips, though I do use Seche Veit top coat.

Essie's Fiji and Meet Me at The Alter These are my top two nail colors of all time. They add a bit of color and personality without being too bright. Meet Me at The Alter has a little bit of sparkle, and I don't know if it's just my bottle, but it refuses to chip for at least a week. Fiji is a crowd favorite for it's opaque, subtle color (for something with a little bit more color, check out French Affair).

No Baggage Please, Meet Me at the Alter, Using My Maiden Name, My Better Half
Basically, anything in this collection is gorgeous. I am hoping to get my hands on No Baggage Please soon (these really would be perfect for a spring wedding).

Essie's Bikini So Teeny and Set in Stones Both of these colors were Target impulse buys. The blue hue is so pretty and I like to layer on the glittery colors because no one can see if you mess it up. 

Essie's Go Ginza and Madison Ave-hue  It's a complete coincidence that searching the internet, I found a picture of these two nail polishes together. Go Ginza is a less sparkly version of Meet Me at the Alter and Madison Ave-hue is the perfect pop of pink (I feel like I sound like an infomercial throughout this whole post, but you get the point.) 

Essie's Mint Candy Apple Another crowd favorite, this color is a little bit outside of my comfort zone (umm and the flower is a bit out of my creative abilities), but it is absolutely gorgeous and would look amazing against a tan. 

Essie's Tart Deco My best friend Sophia bought this color a while back and gave it to me to try. Though I would have never thought to have bought it myself (orange?) I absolutely love it for spring and summer. ('Ray Bucknell)

Happy Monday!
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