THE DC Guide for Foodies

In honor of me being in the ever so beautiful DMV for spring break (I hope you all can pick up on my sarcasm), I thought I would give all of you, living here or just visiting, a food lovers guide to the area.

First comes first, breakfast of course. I’m a HUGE breakfast fan. I honestly do not think Im a functioning human being without a big breakfast, so here is your DMV guide to the best breakfast places you could hope for.

{Original Pancake House} Obviously the name speaks for itself- there are endless types of pancakes, from your classic buttermilk pancakes to gluten free blueberry pancakes for the people on weird diets or people who are actually gluten intolerant.

{Le Pain Quotidien} Because I worked here all summer and have eaten everything on their menu more than a dozen times, I can confidently say that I loveeee this place for breakfast or even any lunch or dinner. Everything is organic and fresh and sooooo yummyyyy.

If you’re going for a brunchier type feel I recommend:

{Open City} Close to Dupont Circle, Open City is a great casual summer afternoon restaurant. Their French toast is something I’ve seen a million and one Instagram photos to know that everyone else is on the same page as me in thinking it’s amazing.

{Bread and Chocolate} Near Friendship Heights, Bread and Chocolate is my go to place, the name definitely does this place justice. From their omelets and chocolate and banana French toast to their chai tea lattes, this place can do no wrong. 

{Churchkey and Barley} This is definitely way down in DC but its worth the drive if you don’t live close. This place does a brunch on Sunday that I’d probably kill someone to have. Their Luther is known to be one of the best sandwiches in DC—buttermilk fried chicken and applewood smoked bacon inside of a house-made brioche donut glazed with maple-chicken—I literally just drooled typing that all out. Their chicken and waffles are superb and their freshly squeezed seasonal fruit juices are perfect for a hot summer day. 

Now on to lunch, yet another great meal I have a few yummy suggestions

{Hanks Oyster Bar} I recently discovered it with a friend and it did not disappoint. Im not a huge fan of oysters but I ended up trying a platter of their entire selection and kind of loved it. If gooey oysters aren’t really your thing, their smoked salmon Benedict is amazing as well as their sides-“mac and cheesy” and their old bay French fries are a few of my favorites

To curb your noodle enthusiasm, {Pho 75} in Arlington, VA  is the place to get some top notch pho as well as spring rolls and bubble tea. Add as much Asian hot sauce as you want or that weird brown stuff that I have zero idea what it is but it could probably make anything taste good.

And, if we’re on the Asian food kick, I’d say you should definitely try out Teaism in Dupont Circle for some Asian fusion dishes, drinks, and desserts. I usually go with the salmon bento box, complete with seaweed salad and ginger salad, but if you’re not into that kinda stuff they have amazing tea’s (hot and cold).

It wouldn’t be a true lunch list without Jetties on it. It was a fad in my lower/middle school days when it was right across the street, and has continued into my more adult life. This place has the best sandwiches ( including the Nobadeer, which is fresh smoked turkey with home made stuffing and cranberry stuffing in between two warm slices of homemade bread). Can’t even begin to describe my love for this place, but I’d like to say I do not appreciate them painting over my name that I wrote very largely, as did every other middle schooler) on their countertop. I’m still a little salty about that. 

For dinner I cant leave out a staple DC place to go: 

{Ben’s Chili Bowl} serves the best chili dogs, chili burgers, and just regular chili a gal could ever hope for (despite now being vegetarian, I miss the good old meat eating days of mine).

{Paparazzi} in Georgetown is a bit more of an Italian cuisine feel, and will make your wallet weigh 5 pounds less as you sign the check, but its definitely worth checking out.

{Matuba} If you're in the mood for sushi, Matuba in Bethesda is definitely my go-to place, and I’m Asian so you should trust my sushi expertise. (PS check out their all you can eat sushi conveyer belt in the back its awesome).

Now on to my second favorite meal of the day—Dessert

I could go on and on about where you should get some delectable goodies but Ill leave you guys with my top two: 

{Baked and Wired in Georgetown} is 500 times better than Baked by Melissa and Georgetown Cupcakes, and if anyone tries to fight me on them I’ll wreck you. Not only are the aesthetics of this place so nice—who doesn’t love comfy couches and local artwork and great music—oh free wifi too), but the food is incredible. They have between 10-15 types of huge cupcakes (carrot cake is hands down the best), tons of other baked goods like banana chocolate bread, home made ice cream cookie sandwiches, quiches, and their Passion Envy iced tea is good during any time of the year. 

{Sprinkles in Potomac Maryland} I probably went to this place at least 4 times a week and I have no shame in that. Their Oreo Ice Cream Parfaits are SOOOOO good, my usual frozen yogurt heavy on the chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles never fails to put me in a good mood, and their regular ice cream and soft serve is not something anyone should pass up

Now go get in your cars and drive to all of these places and eat everything you can, and then you should probably hit the gym to work it all off—or don’t. Do you, be happy, and most importantly always always treat your body to great food.

Thanks so much Em! Seeing all this food is just another reminder that I need to get home soon. Happy Tuesday!

Emma Bx is a guest writer and freshman at Bucknell University from Bethesda, MD. Between Snapchatting dissecting things as a Biology major and sleeping in her nook, she enjoys the basic dogs, running, sports & "a good book."
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