The Perfect Bag for Business

I figured that due to trying to get an even mix, double post days will swap around somewhere in the middle of the week, and this week it's on Thursday instead of Wednesday.

I have a bit of a confession to make- I have developed a bit of a bag obsession. As someone who for the longest time walked around with everything in my hand or my pocket (to which I would constantly leave things everywhere) it's weird that I suddenly got into actually carrying things around. Because I read bloggers that are in the working world, I recently became obsessed with leather totes.

This Chanel Executive Tote- though I have absolutely no reason for owning this, a girl can dream

Basically just love this whole outfit
Someday, I hope to make this a reality. I just need to find an internship or real job that doesn't require the use of fanny packs and backpacks. Look out for some kind of "what's in my bag" featuring me or other students in the near future-so stay tuned.

Happy Thursday! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!
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