Friday Thoughts: What Would You Do If Money Were No Object?

The other day, while looking through my blogger roll, I came across a link to this video. It really resinated with me. First off, I absolutely love Alan Watt's voice in it, maybe it's my Anglophile side speaking. This really resinated for me, particularly this week. The past few weeks were pretty significant in my college career. Although it's a pretty common thing for most college students, I changed my major (someone I heard this happened on average eight times in the course of four years, which seems crazy). My whole high school career, I was convinced that I wanted to do business in college. I was always the kid that wanted to run businesses. Coming into Bucknell, I knew that the management school was the place I needed to be. 

Flashback to last semester. For some reason, Bucknell kind of picks your classes for you first semester. Being in the management school, I was forced into Management 102, which was about to become my own personal hell for the next four months. Actually, we're talking the roughest experience I have ever had in a class in my life. By the time the final rolled around, I remember walking out of the final, not even in defeat, but just acceptance of whatever happened, I had tried my best. This semester, all of the management classes were full, so I decided to take the semester to explore lots of different classes, and I could not be happier and now I am getting to the point of considering changing my major. Even though it would mean dropping out of a prestigious program, I would be able to study more writing and pursue some of my new dreams I did not realize were there. 

The funny thing is, that even at such a young age, when the world is supposed to be our oyster there are still people in my class who are so focused on majors that will give the most payout, or seemingly the most success, that we get caught up in the idea that money will guarantee happiness, therefore we should chase after it no matter the cost, which I can see the value, but disagree with. Sometimes we have to take a chance, even if it means going down a different path to find where we really belong- where we know we will be the happiest, perhaps only to realize we were on the right track after all. 

Follow your dreams, 

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