100th Post!

Eight months and 100 posts later, this might be the most anticlimactic post there ever was- classic. Though 100 posts  may seem like nothing, the 100th day of school was always a big deal..I feel that I should do something special, but I couldn't think of something, so I'm just gonna free write for you all. 

First off though this blog is small and growing, I would like to thank every person who has ever come and taken some time out of their life to read, guest write or be featured on the Daily Dilem. Though I am not going to lie that most of the time when I start something, it's with a specific purpose (thanks high school mentality of trying to do everything to get into school), I truly started blogging with no interest of actually continuing with it. However, since the jump to writing everyday, I have found that it's so enjoyable to write and though it takes a lot of time to do, it's completely worth it and I have been able to meet so many people I couldn't have been able to otherwise. That being said, I definitely have upcoming goals, including more outfit and recipe posts, but overall I can't wait to see them happen. Here's to 100 more.  

Some of my most memorable: 

I Love Fall: This was the first time that I really put in a lot of time into a post and I remember wondering if I could ever write another one again. 

THE DC Guide for Foodies: If you can't already tell, I kinda love Emma Bx. Every time I ask her to write something, I am always blown away by the time and effort she puts in to the most entertaining pieces and her support means the world to me. Definitely check out her stuff if you haven't- this girl is hilarious. 

What the Tour Guide Didn't Tell You About: Long Distance Relationships: I loved getting to have my family involved, especially "new" family members!

Valentine's Day: A Look Book The amount of planning and work that went into this post was unreal. We picked the perfect day as snow was gently falling. This took hours, and I could not have asked for more supportive friends for helping me make a vision come true, especially Katy! (Thanks for holding the umbrella during this, helping me plan, pick designs, ect.)

Casual Outfit of the Day: Gabby Gottschall: True confession- I only really knew Gabby in passing before asking her to do this post. We  had a lot of fun doing it and she is one of the many people I have gotten to meet on campus through writing. 

Happy Saturday!
P.S. Happy Birthday to my cat, Salem! Can't believe you're six- how time flies. 

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  1. Congratulations on reaching 100 posts! That must be such a great feeling!

    xo Madeleine