A Guide To....San Francisco & The Bay Area

They say the world is a small place, and it continuously proves right. I don't think I've ever mentioned it before, but my mom's side of the family is in the Bay Area and it turns out that my friend, Ethan, lives right down the street from my grandmother and went to the same high school as my mom and aunts (shoutout to Menlo-Atherton!). Of course I could not think of someone better to get the scoop on San Fran, and definitely picked the right person- I have never met someone so passionate about the city. 

Name: Ethan Cohen 
Hometown: Menlo Park, CA
Class: Bucknell '17 
Major: Biology 
Bucknell Activities: Rugby Team, Lots of Schoolwork, Eating
Places to Find Him on Campus: On the Hall, Downtown with Friends

Coming across the country for college is a big move, what made you come to Bucknell? 
I came to Bucknell because I really loved the campus- it was gorgeous when I came and the bio program really exemplified what I wanted in a school.  

What are your top five recommendations for people visiting San Francisco? 
1) First thing, obviously you have to do the tourist attractions, pretty straight forward, go to the Golden Gate Bridge, go to Alcatraz. Although they are tourist attractions they are pretty cool.  

2) Next go to places that are less traveled for example, South Beach or the Mission or Berkeley- those places are awesome. Any place that is hippie or hipster, those places are sweet. 

Oh man how I miss this so much
3) I would say next are  definitely the food places with eateries. You have some really cool places that  truly haven't been discovered yet or places that are well known but kind of divey, are great. 

4) Next I would say for me at least, because I'm a big sports fan, you have to check out places like At&T Park. I love the Giants and it's the best place in the entire world to see a baseball game. 

5) Go around and try to enjoy the city. The city is different than any city I've ever been to and the atmosphere is so happy and everyone is so excited to be there. Just walking around the city is fun within itself and I think it's a great experience to have with the different scenery and the hills and all crazy streets. It's  just a lot of fun.     

As a true Californian, what is your In-N-Out order? 
I order the #2 which is a double-double, a soft drink and fries, but I go with the secret menu with animal style burgers and fries. 

Do you see yourself moving back after graduation? 
Yeah, absolutely. It's my favorite place in the world. I've lived in five other places and it's by far my favorite place to live. 

Thanks so much Ethan! Hope you have a wonderful Monday and rest of the week!
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