Boston Strong.

I will never understand why we do our best thinking in the shower. Of course after writing yesterday how much I had planned, today was the only that I did not have planned out and I was struggling with severe writer's block until I stepped into my extremely cold shower that now refuses to dispense warm water (only 2 weeks till I'm out of Harris). 

Though I am a true (Virginian and) Washingtonian, I have always felt a personal connection to Boston. With a Bostonian dad and a family full of die hard New England sports fans, I remember how incredibly sad I was when I heard the news of the bombing. However, it was really amazing to see all the support for the city one year later.  

My dad has been trying to find the time to run the marathon for years and being a Patriot Day baby, it has always been a dream of mine to run the race with him. There is something so incredible about being able to just run off away from everything else and feel on fire. As for Boston, maybe in the future? Anyway, if you or someone you know ran today, tell them congrats and with the weather warming up, enjoy a run of your own! Happy Monday!
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P.S. If you have ever seen The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I have always hoped that one day I would look like Brigit when I run, but sadly this will remain a dream. 

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