The constant problem of trying to actually get a real outfit post continues, so I hope that this "fashion Friday" will suffice, and I sincerely hope to get a bunch of them up in the upcoming weeks.

 I am generally one of those people who have seasonal color obsession, and this summer is definitely coral. Not only is it really "in" this season- sorry for the cliche phrase- but it looks great in the spring even when you aren't super tan and is a nice break from my usual blue/white color palette. I was inspired to do this because my dream prom dress that didn't really happen is in the contest for one of Erin's bridesmaid gowns. In addition, I had also come across Red Dress Boutique, which I had heard about but had not actually been on and saw the trend of coral sundresses- really awesome site, check it out!

The perfect skater skirt

Here are some of my picks for all of your coral needs.

Forever 21 A Line Coral Dresses

Dance Around The Subject Skirt $34

Doing Well Short in Neon Coral $38

What's In Store Dress in Dark Coral $46

Ornate A Line Dress in Coal Pink/Cream $25

Coral Criss Crossed Back Dress $23

Happy Friday! Hope you have an awesome weekend!
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