Fashion Friday: Spring Outfit Inspiration

Basically a Bucknell poster child
Joanna Harrold 
Year: Bucknell '17
Major: Markets, Innovation & Design & French
Bucknell Activities: Campus Representative for Rent The Runway, Bucknell Ski Team
Where to Find Her on Campus: KLARC gym and at my desk in Harris 2
Favorite Thing About Bucknell: The close community & small classes 

This year, I had the absolute pleasure of being able to meet Joanna (a fellow Harris 2 resident). Not only is she one of the sweetest, most genuine people I have met at Bucknell, but she has the most incredible style. After helping me out with previous posts, I'm happy that I finally got around to getting some pictures with her now that spring finally at campus. 

How would you describe your style and where do you draw inspiration?
Boho chic with a classic twist. I get inspiration from Lauren Conrad, Olivia Palermo, Song of Style (Amiee Song) & Carly from College Prepster. 

Describe the best piece or outfit that you have ever worn?
I'm a bit obsessed with my prom dress from senior year-the BCBG Arlenis Scarf Print Gown. 

And the worst?
My eighth grade graduation dress was pretty hideous. 

Any jewelry items that you wear everyday? 
Not much sentimental jewelry because my parents don't trust me with it, but I don't go a day without my watch.  

All time favorite places to shop?
Places: Main Street on Westport CT, SoHo, (and hopefully Georgetown soon when she comes to visit this summer!) 

Stores: Free People, Urban, Nordstrom, J.Crew, Brandy & Winged Monkey and Mixology

Online Stores: Piperlime, Gilt, 6 pm, J.Crew Factory (and Rent the Runway of course) I also never pay full price for anything

Easiest Outfit for Class?
Fall: Riding Boots, Jeans & a blouse and Free People Army jacket that I'm obsessed with. 

Spring: Any kind of sundress (typical girl answer). 

Some radom questions: 
All time favorite meal: My mom's roasted potatoes and spaghetti squash & ice cream from The Creamery

Dream life after Bucknell: Editor in Chief of a fashion magazine living in New York City 

Ultimate Wedding Proposal: A scavenger hunt and the wedding ring being in a Crumbs Cupcake (I have planned this out clearly) 

Fact people would not know by looking at you: I was a competitive gymnast my whole life 

(We looked over a list of random questions online and she happen to have an answer for this...) Have you ever licked a battery? Yes because my calculator died during a math exam. 

It was fortunate enough that the rain held off in time. The area around President Bravman's house is probably the most beautiful spot on campus in the spring. Definitely check it out if you come to visit and don't visit in on the tour. 

Thanks so much Joanna! Happy Friday! 

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