If you find yourself looking for bow, American Apparel is the place to go

I don't know about you, but I am one of those people whose life is a little too dependent on whether I am having a good hair day or not. I guess having straight hair is for the most part a blessing (easy maintenance) but I can get so lazy with thinking of ideas for what to with it, so I alternate between the classic wearing it plain down and the all-exciting ponytail (sometimes with a bun...if I'm feeling frisky). 

When looking for ideas, I like to turn to the good old internet. Here is an awesome video to some cool (and pretty easy, for the most part though Monday looks impossible) hairstyles for on the go. (I also included some of my all time favorite hairstyle pictures from Pinterest). 

On a side note, I also just thought back to all the hair phases that I have had in my life. My personal favorite was the one ponytail on the side on my head inspired from my favorite character on ZOOM, aka the greatest kids show ever (with the 90's scrunchie of course). I was also into the ombre trend for a while, which was great the first time I did it, but absolutely horrible the second time around when I was turned into a legit blonde. Looking at pictures of it from the beginning of the school year... 

Just a quick post and happy Friday! Hope you are having a wonderful start to the weekend!
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P.S. I also wanted to include the BEST shampoo and conditioner I have ever found. As the hair obsessed person I am, I have tried pretty much everything that is out there and nothing compares to the Herbal Essence Moroccan My Shine. I have tried "higher quality" brands, but always come back it it (I even used the cheesy picture to convey this message). The Moroccan oil really does make a huge difference, especially when you rinse in cold water and smells so good. 

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